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  • OSGi in a Nutshell: Working with service configurations

    Today we will see a slightly more complicated version of the use case we saw last week. We will always talk about services, but of configurable services. Use Case Imagine you have two or more implementations for the same service, and you have a consumer which needs one of your... [more]

  • OSGi in a Nutshell: Launch a simple Service

    This week we are finally ready to start working on our first use case: how to create and launch a simple service component in OSGi. We will proceed as follows: we first describe how this can be done in a pure Java environment, and then we will move to OSGi.... [more]

  • A bit of Queuing Theory

    We are developing a tool which allows, once an EMF model is created, to test and validate it in a reliable and efficient way. We did that by exploiting the potential of the Alloy Language and its powerful Alloy Analyzer. When you build a model to describe a process or... [more]

  • The Documentation Project

    We just started a documentation project on Gitlab. It started with a FAQ / Nive to know collection of information about OSGi, bndtools, Eclipse we want to share. This is what we have till now: Plain OSGi I want to use a LDAP style target filter as service property.... [more]

  • RCP development with bnd

    About one and a half years ago we switched all our projects from using PDE together with Maven Tycho to bnd. The increase in development speed we reached was immense. Additionally bnd automatically pushed us towards writing better OSGi software. Over the time we experienced a lot of fallacies PDE... [more]

  • Rendering Issues with Eclipse Photon on Ubuntu 16.04

    If you are using the brand new Eclipse Photon on an Ubuntu 16.04, it can happen that you encounter some rendering issues like the one below. I start my Eclipse in Ubuntu using the .desktop files with the following environment variable: SWT_GTK3=0. This is obvious not necessary any more. You... [more]

  • Create Gnome/Ubuntu desktop files under with Eclipse Oomph installer

    If you are a user of the Eclipse IDE using Ubuntu and you are using the Oomph installer as well, I will show the possibility to automatically create .desktop files. That makes it possible to find the installation with your desktop search tool. I used it for a while and... [more]

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