Our History and Vision

In 2010, our company was founded in Jena with the idea of developing a universal, multi-client capable Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) for data conversion. Over time, the focus shifted to using data and process modeling standards to take communication between technical areas and non-technical areas to a new level, thus simplifying entire business processes. This resulted in the development of a holistic approach that combines digital transformation consulting and software development services. Data In Motion was born.

Since then, we have been facing up to the challenges of a dynamically changing IT world in which complex systems are evolving and becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of. We meet these challenges with modularity and expandability. Coupled with agile approaches, we develop flexible, well-documented, efficient and maintainable system architectures and software solutions that are accepted by all stakeholders in the target organization and thus integrate seamlessly and sustainably. We carefully analyze not only the specific use cases, but also the entire organizational cultural and procedural ecosystem. In this way, we support differentiated judgment and decision-making processes, the results of which we can then implement. Our goal is always a holistic solution that fully meets the requirements of the use case and also enables the target organization to continue to develop on this basis and operate it independently.

Today, nine employees and a well-developed cooperation network are working towards realizing this vision anew in every project. As a versatile company, we accompany our customers on the path to an individual solution at every stage of the project cycle. We are industry-independent and have already worked in areas ranging from smart city, logistics and medicine, to insurance and security technology, road and rail transport and public administration. In addition, we have been and are involved in several public research, innovation and pilot projects.

Our Values

Solution Independence

Every new project benefits from our versatile experience. Nevertheless, we always focus on the individual case and strive to find the optimum solution for each case. We follow paradigms, not dogmas. We are happy to prepare the problem-solving concept and all the decision-making processes leading up to it with moderated workshops. It is important to us that the result also creates benefits for the entire target organization beyond the specific use case.

Purpose Driven and Holistic

For us, projects are not just about “how”, but also about “who”, “why” and “with whom”. All relevant stakeholders are involved. In this way, we want to offer our customers purpose-driven solutions. Our approach to projects is therefore always holistic and includes the organizational culture as well as its context. Because only if a solution is accepted by all stakeholders it will also benefit the organization.

Responsibility and Fairness

Our aim is to develop sustainable solutions. In a world increasingly permeated by digitalization, we always consider the social, economic and ecological implications. In particular, this includes fair solutions and know-how transfer for all parties involved. We see our work not only as a service, but also as a contribution to progress and innovation. We want to develop solutions that create an overall value for society and offer our employees a meaningful working environment.

Open Source

Open source is an important component of modern software architectures that is used in a large number of products without it being obvious. As common property, these components are freely available, but not for free. They require maintenance in order to function. As active members of the open source community, we contribute to this, use open source assets and integrate them into our solutions. Through our involvement ( e.g. in the Eclipse Foundation) we want to give something back to this community. We maintain a broad network in this area and are involved in the selection and development of the latest industry standards. Our work not only creates added value for specific use cases, but also for future applications and innovations.

Our management

Jürgen Albert, B.Sc.

(CEO and founder, community evangelist, software architectures, development processes)

After graduating in Internet Business Engineering and five years of professional experience as a software developer, he founded Data In Motion in 2010. Familiar with the advantages of modular and distributed architectures, Jürgen has been passing on his knowledge in this area to our customers for over a decade now. He is very involved in the open source community and currently chairs the OSGi Steering Committee of the OSGi working group in the Eclipse Foundation. He is also the project lead for the OSGi Technology Project and is involved as a committer in many other open source projects.

Mark Hoffmann, M.A. and Dipl. Business Economist (FH)

(CTO and co-founder, process optimization, modeling)

After graduating in business administration with a focus on business informatics, he obtained a master’s degree and gained nine years of professional experience in several large companies. He joined Data In Motion in 2012. His knowledge of social interactions in teams, judgment and decision-making processes as well as agile change processes expanded his deep technical skills, from which our customers benefit in their exchange with him on a wide variety of topics. He is also the project lead for the OSGi Technology Project, a member of the OSGi Specification Project and involved in many other projects as a committer. Furthermore, he is a TÜV-certified data protection officer and represents us in the Model for Privacy Interests Group.

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Our Team

We are a small company with a broad, interdisciplinary and international range of expertise. Our employees bring knowledge and experience from a wide range of fields: software development, data science, astrophysics, economics, project management, humanities and social sciences. This diversity and our well-developed cooperation network enable us to approach projects and challenges from a wide variety of perspectives, always thinking outside the box and developing innovative solutions.