A bit of Queuing Theory

We are developing a tool which allows, once an EMF model is created, to test and validate it in a reliable and efficient way. We did that by exploiting the potential of the Alloy Language and its powerful Alloy Analyzer.

When you build a model to describe a process or a system, it is a good practice to test and validate it before going on with your work. You want to know if your model actually describes the use-cases you had in mind when you designed it, and to check if the ones that should not be possible are really prevented from happening.

The set of tools we developed helps you exactly doing this. It is thought to be as much user-friendly as possible, in such a way, once you have written your EMF model, in just a few steps, you are already able to play with the results of the Alloy Analyzer and visualize them in a very intutitive manner.

If you want to find out more about this project, which will be released soon, check here!

And for even more FAQ about other topics, see The Gecko Documentation Project.

by Ilenia Salvadori, Mark Hoffmann, Jürgen Albert