Blog posts tagged with "modularity"

  • OSGi in a Nutshell What is OSGi

    Here we are with our first episode of this new series about OSGi. Before entering the details of our use cases, we first need to give a brief definition of what OSGi is, and what it has tried to accomplish over the years. The OSGi Alliance was founded in March... [more]

  • Bits of Java – Episode 17: Modules in Java

    This week we will briefly discuss one, relative new, feature of the Java language, which is the Java Platform Module System (JPMS). The JPMS was introduced in Java 9, with the purpose of introducing a new encapsulation level and allowing developers to build their applications in a more modular way.... [more]

  • From Monolith to Microservice, an appeal to Modularity

    Part 1: What can go wrong, will go wrong! Over the years we have been part of a couple of migration efforts to a more modern infrastructure and architecture. We have seen the good, the bad and the ugly side such projects bring with them. All of them could be... [more]

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