Bits of Java

It has been almost one year and a half since I arrived at Data In Motion, where I started my career as a software developer. I had some programming experience from my academic background, but I never used Java before.

As the majority of the developers do, also at Data In Motion we use an IDE (Integrated Development Environment). Although this is an extremely powerful tool during development, which saves you a huge amount of time, I recently realized that it was probably not the best way to actually learn Java.

I have decided to test my programming skills by preparing for the Oracle Certification (Java SE 11 Programmer I), and, as soon as I started diving into the topic, I found myself learning a lot of things, which I was for sure already applying in my daily work, but that I had never really grasp or, at least, I never focused on.

And exactly this feeling brings me to the scope of this blog. I bet I am not the first one, who realizes things and discovers features, while preparing for an exam on a topic used everyday. That’s why I would like to launch with this post a series of small blogs in which I share with you the things I am learning while studying for this exam.

I believe it would be an additional way for me to learn and memorize some concepts, as well as for you as readers. Maybe you will be already familiar with all the things that I will present, and it could be just a good occasion to review some concepts or maybe, who knows, you can learn something new as well!

So, stay tuned for the first topic of the series: one-line-source-code!

by Ilenia Salvadori